Trinity Baptist Church Sermons

4/16/17: “The Way, The Truth, the Life, Part 3: I am the Life” by Pastor Dave Gordon

4/9/17: “The Way, The Truth, and the Life: Part 2 – I Am The Truth” by Elder Michael Tyler

4/2/17: “The Way, The Truth, and the Life: Part 1 – I Am The Way” by Pastor Dave Gordon

3/26/17: “God’s Plan for Israel, Part 1” by Pastor Dave Gordon

3/19/17: “The Everlasting Love of God” by Pastor Michael Maglaki

3/12/17: “Youth, Education, and Missions” by Elder Hendricks

3/5/17: “The Incarnation of Christ” by Pastor Dave Gordon

March 5, 2017

Bible Text: Hebrews 2:9-18 |


February 26, 2017: “For Our Good” by Pastor Michael Maglaki

February 26, 2017

Bible Text: Romans 8:28-30 |


2/19/17: “Prayer Help” by Pastor Dave Gordon

February 19, 2017

Bible Text: Romans 8:26-27 |


2/12/17: “Faith Is the Noun; Belief Is the Verb” by Bruce Muller