Dear friends,

Starting January 6 through January 26, Trinity Baptist will be participating in 21 Days of Prayer. If you are a Christian, you have been called to pray (Colossians 4:2, Ephesians 6:18). Over and over again, we read in the Bible about Jesus praying to His Father in Heaven. Just as he communicated with His Father through prayer, so can you. And as prayer becomes a larger part of your life:

• You will find yourself less focused on yourself, and more focused on Jesus.
• Your temptations and fear will give way to dependence on God and confidence in him.
• You will begin to discern God’s will and calling in your life.
• It will be your weapon when you are drawn into spiritual battles.

Our power to effect change in this world begins with prayer. Beyond yourself, when you pray, you build and strengthen bonds with other believers. Therefore, from January 6 – January 26, we will come together for 21 Days of Prayer. Together, we will pray for God’s leading in our personal lives, at Trinity Baptist Church and across the Coachella Valley.

One of the elements of 21 Days of Prayer that I am excited about is the fact that as many as 1,300 churches and many thousands of people across the globe will be praying at the same time. Like Trinity Baptist, these churches are part of the Converge movement (formerly the Baptist General Conference), which starts and strengthens churches together worldwide so people can meet, know and follow Jesus. Imagine what will happen when churches across the United States and around the world focus wholeheartedly on communicating with our amazing God through prayer.

We will kick off our 21 Days of Prayer together on January 6th in the morning service. The calendar with a suggested prayer focus for each day can be viewed or printed here. If you don’t attend Trinity but would like to pray through 21 Days of Prayer for your church, you can print this undated version appropriate for any church here. Those who want to fast as well as pray may want to download the 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting guide from There is also another version, 21 Days of Dangerous Prayer, that explores the dangerous and life-transforming prayers that have been prayed by God’s people for thousands of years. I am looking forward to sharing this prayer journey together with you.

Pastor Dave