How to watch our livestream or recorded service on your television 

When you aren’t able to make it to Trinity in person, we would love to welcome you online. We livestream the service from our Facebook page every Sunday. You can watch it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone in the Facebook app, and should be able to watch it on our website on our streaming page. Some find they want a more immersive experience at home and want to watch it on their television. Here are instructions that may help you do that if you have a smartphone and a smart TV or a television with a compatible device attached (like a Roku or a Amazon Fire TV stick.) 
The easiest solution does require that you have a Facebook account, and that you have installed the Facebook app on your smartphone and the Facebook Watch app on your smart TV or streaming device. 

Directions for watching the livestream or recorded service on your television

1. If you are watching live, after the livestream has started (usually 10:25 AM for our 10:30 AM service), find our service on our Facebook page and click on it to start watching. If it is before the service, you will see video but not hear audio. If you are watching a recorded service, find the service you want to watch and click on it. 
2. Make sure that your smartphone and the TV/device you want to watch it on are on the same Wi-Fi network. Some homes have multiple networks, so be sure to check this. 

3. Find the “cast” icon on the video and click on it. In the illustration below, we have an arrow pointing to that icon.

How to livestream our service on your TV, with a picture of a phone that has a livestream of Trinity Baptist Church's service

4. This should bring up a list of compatible devices that are your TV/hooked up to your TV, as well as some AirPlay options for some people. Some choices may include “Fire TV Stick,” “Roku,” the name of your Smart TV, or “Airplay and Bluetooth (Show more devices).” If you can’t find your Smart TV or another device you expected to see, it could be under “Airplay and Bluetooth.” Choose the desired device and it should open up the Facebook Watch app and go straight to the service you are trying to watch.

5. To access the bulletin for the service you are trying to watch, a link is posted with the video, or you can visit our streaming page to find a list of services with links to the bulletin. Our giving page is also available if you want to make a donation. 

If you do not want to have a Facebook account, you can try installing the Facebook Watch app on your TV or smart device. Do not sign in. Search for “Trinity Baptist Church, Indio, CA,” and our profile may or may not appear in the search results. In general, our profile picture is a picture of the three crosses on our building.

Screenshot of Trinity Baptist Church, Indio, CA, Facebook Header. 3 crosses on a building against a blue sky.

More likely, you will spot our latest or most watched videos in the results. Click on the video you want to watch and it should play. In our tests, this was the method we had the least success with, but it may work for you.
The screenshots and tests for this article were with an iPhone and an Amazon Fire TV stick, but the methods should be about the same. Facebook’s directions can be found here