How to listen to a sermon over the phone

picture of yellow phone on yellow background with No internet, call and listen to sermons

Hi friends! When you aren’t able to meet with us in person, we still want to bring you the sermon in the best possible format for you. For some, it may be visiting our Facebook page and watching sermons; for others, it may be calling in over the phone to listen to sermons at some point during the week.

If you’d like to share these instructions with someone who doesn’t have internet access, here’s what they do to listen to sermons over the phone.

  1. If you don’t have internet, you can listen to Sunday sermon after Monday morning via your phone.  Call (760) 342-3032. It should be a local call in Indio, but toll charges may apply outside of this area. (This number was changed in February 2022.)
  2. You can call in and listen to the sermon, it plays like a message. You can’t pause, rewind, or fast forward, so be sure that you have enough time set aside to listen. You may want to grab pen, paper, and your Bible before you call. The recording will be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. When the sermon is done, please hang up.

Feel free to share this sermon line information with your friends!