Welcome to Trinity Baptist Church in Indio. Start Here!

We’re so glad you’re checking out Trinity Baptist Church in Indio. If you’re considering a visit, we want you to know you’re our valued guest and the information below should help make your visit better. Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Service Time

We have one Sunday service at 10:30 AM. We offer it in person and online.

The service at Trinity Baptist Church in Indio is a blended service with traditional and modern elements.


We are located at:

44550 Monroe Street, Indio, California 92201


When you arrive, you can park in the main lot behind the church, on the street, or in the overflow lot at the southeast corner of Monroe Street and Valencia Avenue.

How to Dress

We’re pretty casual in our “dress code” at Trinity Baptist Church in Indio.

You’ll find folks dressed in jeans and t-shirts, all the way to people dressed in business casual.

Dress however you feel comfortable. We think you’ll find nobody judging you by how you dress. We’re more about focusing attention on God and worshipping Him than enforcing a dress code.

What to Expect in a Worship Service Experience

Our worship experience is usually anywhere from 80 to 100 minutes from start to finish.

We encourage you to arrive early so you don’t miss any of the elements at the beginning of the experience.


We sing a combination of newer songs and older hymns. Our worship leaders use piano/keyboard and/or guitar, and sometimes are accompanied by a drummer.


The sermon at Trinity Baptist Church in Indio includes Bible-based, expository teaching. You don’t need to be a Bible scholar to understand the message, and there will always be something to learn!


Trinity Baptist Church in Indio cares deeply about your children.

We’ve created special context-sensitive, age-appropriate environments just for them and we’re pretty confident they’ll have more fun and a better experience there than in the auditorium for worship with adults, but you are welcome to keep your children with you.

Our Trinity Kids service welcomes children from age 4 up through 5th grade for a fun time of learning, worship, prayer, and crafts. We have nursery care for children younger than 4 years old.

If it’s your first time, just ask someone by the front door of the sanctuary, and they will be more than happy to direct you to your child’s destination.

Other FAQs

How early should I arrive?

If you have children, we recommend you arrive 15 minutes early. This will give you plenty of time to park, get your children checked-in, and get into the service before things kick off. If you don’t have children with you, 10 minutes early is probably sufficient.

Of course, we’d love for you to get here early and stick around after the experience to get to know some folks!

What if I want to learn more about Trinity Baptist Church in Indio?

You’ve got options! You can learn a lot about us on this website:

You can also download our app here to listen to a sermon, see a children’s message, and more!

Visit our YouTube channel here.

Where should I go when I arrive?

We’d love to know you’re here and help you find your way. Tell someone by the front door of the sanctuary that you are a first-time visitor and they’ll show you where to go.

What about communion?

We observe communion the first Sunday of the month. You don’t have to be a member of Trinity Baptist Church, but we ask that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you’re not sure what that means, please talk with us about it.

What is expected of me?

If you’re our guest, we expect you to feel at home. Don’t feel obligated to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Need to sit during the music? No problem. Not comfortable with communion? You don’t have to participate.

One more thing: please do NOT feel obligated to participate in the offering time. We love to give money back to God as an act of worship. However, we’d be really bummed if you let the whole “money and God” thing trip you up in your relationship with Him or with your experience with us.