One Hope Project Gathering raised over $9,000 for Bibles for Persecuted Christians

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The One Hope Project, a cooperative effort of churches, individuals, and other organizations in the Coachella Valley, gathered in November to pray for the persecuted Christians around the world and to bring donations for providing them Bibles. The preliminary total of the donations is over $9,000. This will provide for 2,200 Bibles to be printed, shipped, and delivered to persecuted Christians at a special cost of $4 each.

At the gathering in November, the participating churches prayed for the persecuted Christians, took part in a moving worship time, and prayed for the Bibles that would be delivered to the Christians in danger. An estimated 100 million Christians are reported to suffer under severe religious persecution, with many more experiencing other injustices and hatred in their everyday lives.

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The One Hope Project is dedicated to providing a Bible to every persecuted Christian around the world. The money is forwarded to Open Doors USA (, an organization which distributes Bibles to persecuted Christians. Since the project’s start in 2008, the One Hope Project has raised money for over 12,000 Bibles. If you would like to be part of the One Hope Project, please contact Pastor Dave Gordon at Trinity Baptist Church, (760) 347-0604.